World Down Syndrome Awareness Day Endurance Run

21st March 2015 is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day and we at Bearded Brothers Trail Running, in conjunction with Running for Luca – Down Syndrome is Beautiful, will be holding an Endurance Run (yes it is on the tar… please forgive us) on the day to raise funds and awareness for children with Down Syndrome.


The format of the run is simple, we start outside the Vida E in Camps Bay at 06h30 on the morning of the 21st, running out towards the Cape Point via Chappies and Kommetjie and pretty much run till we pass out :) The pace will be slow, it is not a race.. the point is to run as far as possible so there will be scheduled walking breaks.

There is no distance criteria, you can run 1km or 100km’s it is completely up to you as the runner. There will be a support vehicle for emergencies but you will need to arrange with your own support team to provide you with enough nutrition and clothing to complete your goal distance, as well as fetch you from the point that you stop.

We are not asking any entry fee’s from runners who commit but what we are asking is that you source sponsors that will sponsor you R10 for every 1 km that you run, even if it is just you the runner who is committing to pay the sponsorship.

The funds will completely and absolutely go to funding charities who specialize in providing for the needs of children with Down Syndrome.

For more info on the event click here

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