Registration for WDSAD Endurance Run

Good day fellow runners,

We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with the guys at in our registration process for the Endurance Run. Please it is very important you join a challenge or start a new one if the existing ones are all full, the challenges are logged in teams of 5 so please join one if there are still places available. Once a challenge is full you get a free Vida E coffee, woooohooooo :) because of the nature of the event we are only able to accept a limited amount of runners, 30 maximum! So don’t miss out!

Click on the badge to join the challenge, there a few challenges up on the site so go to the “World Down Syndrome Awareness Day Endurance Run” and join it :) We won’t let the cat out the bag yet but there are some awesome leading brands on board that will be supporting those on the challenge so don’t miss out.


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