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K-Way Men’s Reiko Moisture Manager Review

K-Way Men’s Reiko Moisture Manager Review

Moisture Management at it's best

Moisture Management at it’s best

Trail Running, or any outdoor activities for that matter, where you are at the mercy of the elements can be both an exhilirating experience and a terrifying one. The reality is the weather in the mountains can change so fast you will still be waiting for your GPS signal to register when sunshine turns to blazing rain. Especially if you live in Cape Town. Some days you just want to get out there to clear your head and relieve the stress from a busy day at the office. The last thing you feel like doing is lugging your pack with 2 different layers ‘in case’ the weather changed. I mean for once you would just like to run free of things weighing you down, soak up the peace and quiet on your favourite trail, and go home leaving the thunderstorm on the mountain and not in your head.

Enter the K-Way Reiko Moisture Manager.

There are many ‘Base Layers’ on the market, but what makes a good quality base layer so effective is its ability to wick sweat of the body and to dry itself really fast. Its purpose is to keep you warm even in a cold wind. An effective Base Layer acts as an insulator when it is still wet, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. We found the Reiko Moisture Manager does all this, incredibly well.


Where I experienced this the most was on a humid and hot day in Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch. In the bottom of the valley it was hot and humid but once I climbed up Swartboskloof to around 1000m ASL there was a very nippy wind blowing with speradic cloud cover. Naturally I sweated on the climb up leaving the Reiko Shirt quite damp at the top. Normally, in this situation, I would take out my wind breaker to stop that cold chill hitting my chest as I traversed along the top of Swartboskloof. This time, though, it was not necessary. I have run this route many times in similar conditions in the past and every time I have needed a wind breaker. The Reiko had kept me dry and within 20mins of running along the summit the shirt was dry, having kept me warm and insulated all along. I finished the run without once taking my top layer out of the pack. The Reiko Moisture Manager achieves this with its Hydrophilic Fabric. This basically means it absorbs the moisture into the fabric and then instead of it ‘pooling’ in certain sections the moisture is drawn across the fabric for quick evaporation.

The shirt is very lightweight at 190grams (Medium) and is made up of 92% Polyester Cationic and 8% Spandex. It fits really comfortably and the fabric itself is so soft you will feel like you are running in Huggies 3ply covered in Aloe Vera and Shea Butter.

This top has very quickly become my go-to base- and mid layer, meaning I am now carrying one less layer and the decreased weight has equaled increased fun.

Shop the K-Way Moisture Manager s/s Crew online at Cape Union Mart.


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