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Runners crossing one of the many rivers in the area.

Greyt Run 2018

South Africa has some legendary places in terms of trail running with endless views and miles and miles of prestine trails. If there was ever a place that could be considered a top example of this, the small town of Greyton would be it. There simply is just too much to explore in 1 day of running so imagine our excitement when we heard of a 2 day stage race taking place over the weekend of 18/18 March 2018. The GreytRun promises to be a weekend of mountain stoke and family fun.

Runners crossing one of the many rivers in the area.

Runners crossing one of the many rivers in the area.

The run used to form part of the weekend festivities at the Greyt Escape Mountain Bike Race but now, for the first time, it will be it’s own stand alone race. Runners can expect to be blown away by not only the running as the hospitality of the communities in the surrounding Genadendal area are nothing short of legendary.

Post run recovery drinks

Post run recovery drinks

The two day event covers roughly 58km with a total elevation gain of around 1500m over the two stages. According to race director, Michael Viljoen, Saturday’s Stage 1 covering 30km “will take the runners in an easterly direction along the mountain range, traversing through fynbos, trails over farms, hidden valleys and secret kloofs, with stunning mountain proximity and great views over the valley. The second half will see the runners going back to Greyton via a more flat course along the valley floor and the banks of the river, towards the finish in town through bush trails that stir the senses and spur them on to be their best, before a well-deserved rest and recovery for Day 2.”

Day 1 Route and Profile

Day 1 Route and Profile

“Stage 2”, says Michael, “is 32 km with 717 metres of climbing. Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Try to conserve your energy as you stroll over rolling hills in the first half, before tackling two big climbs as well as the GC. The route features jeep track as well as single track, as it makes its way around the historic town of Genadendal.”

Day 2 Route and Profile.

Day 2 Route and Profile.

As with most Stage Races there are a number of accommodation and entry packages so check out which one suits you best here. You simply cannot beat the vibe in race village between the stages so if you can try stay over at the race venue.

For those looking for something a little less serious there will be a 21k, 10k and 5k taking place on the Sunday which will appeal to runners of all levels, so it really is a fantastic family weekend out.

Use the discount code “bbtr10” for a discount on your entry.

Registration will be at the Old Potter’s Inn in Main Road, Greyton.

Times: Friday- 17:00-19:00

Saturday- 06:30-07:30

Sunday- 06:00-08:15

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Trails In Motion 4 Film Festival

ASICS are proud to present a selection of the world’s finest trail running films.

Trails in Motion 4 will be held at the Labia Theatre in Cape Town on 25 March 2016 from 13:40.

If you’re a fan of the outdoors and adventure, particularly trail running, then you’re in for a treat.

The Festival features seven diverse trail focused features that is sure to not only entertain but also to challenge and inspire your own relationship with the outdoors.

Full details:

Date: 25 March 2016
Time: 13:40 – 16:00
Venue: The Labia Theatre, Orange Street, Cape Town
Tickets: R70

Tickets available now at:

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Open Letter from ASICS to Step Up Training



True sport performance brand, ASICS aims to deliver its most provocative and inspiring brand campaign yet with ‘WANT IT MORE,’ a direct call for all sport enthusiasts to step up their training efforts and realize ever-greater achievement. Focusing on how far athletes across all sports — and of all ages — will go to reach their goal, the campaign is designed to support ASICS’ global strategy to expand its footprint beyond running and reach a wider, younger audience.

Importantly, the campaign also paves the way for new product launches across multiple categories including Running and a new Training collection. Both will feature technological advancements from ASICS Institute of Sport Science, delivering improved performance, style and comfort.

The worldwide campaign was filmed on location in South Africa, further strengthing and showcasing South Africa as a world-class sporting destination and training location.

Launching today the ‘WANT IT MORE’ campaign kicks off with an open letter inviting the community of sport enthusiasts to come together through their shared dedication to achieve a goal at #wantitmore. This fully integrated campaign will be published across media platforms, including out of home, sponsored-events, multimedia, and major social media channels.

From March 1st and throughout 2016, the ‘WANT IT MORE’ digital platform will keep pace with the annual sporting calendar, and inspire the community to stay motivated during workouts via two key components:



Fitter in :15 Campaign – Focusing on the hard work of training, the Fitter in :15 campaign will kick off on March 1 with a community-building effort featuring a collection of fifteen-second training optimization films that reveal different ways to take your workout to the next level. With tips and challenges from ASICS elite roster of sponsored athletes, experts, coaches and training influencers, these films will live on the ASICS Instagram account, offering a feed of useful content.

Train-offs – Emphasizing the competitive spirit in sport, the campaign will also feature ’train-offs’, short films in which athletes – from pros to influencers to everyday athletes –demonstrate how hard and far they can train, and then challenge each other to train-offs all posted to #wantitmore. As the year progresses, ASICS will shift from sponsored-athlete train-offs toward challenging the world to try and ’out-train’ its elite athletes.


‘WANT IT MORE’ taps into the heart and soul of the ASICS brand, encouraging athletes of all ages and abilities to push themselves to their limits in order to better their best. For over 60 years, the company has remained committed to youth and hope through sport by driving technological innovation that supports athletes’ tireless pursuit of continuous improvement.

“With this campaign, ASICS aims to inspire and motivate sportsmen and women to reach their goals,” said Sarah Mundy, Marketing Manager, ASICS South Africa. “We know success in sport comes from the human pursuit to take performance to a whole new level. Through this effort, ASICS celebrates the passion that connects professionals with everyday warriors, and shares that spirit across the world”.

For more information:


ASICS South Africa Twitter:

ASICS South Africa Instagram: www.instagram/com/ASICS_ZA


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Registration for WDSAD Endurance Run

Good day fellow runners,

We are very excited to announce that we are partnering with the guys at in our registration process for the Endurance Run. Please it is very important you join a challenge or start a new one if the existing ones are all full, the challenges are logged in teams of 5 so please join one if there are still places available. Once a challenge is full you get a free Vida E coffee, woooohooooo :) because of the nature of the event we are only able to accept a limited amount of runners, 30 maximum! So don’t miss out!

Click on the badge to join the challenge, there a few challenges up on the site so go to the “World Down Syndrome Awareness Day Endurance Run” and join it :) We won’t let the cat out the bag yet but there are some awesome leading brands on board that will be supporting those on the challenge so don’t miss out.


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World Down Syndrome Awareness Day Endurance Run

21st March 2015 is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day and we at Bearded Brothers Trail Running, in conjunction with Running for Luca – Down Syndrome is Beautiful, will be holding an Endurance Run (yes it is on the tar… please forgive us) on the day to raise funds and awareness for children with Down Syndrome.


The format of the run is simple, we start outside the Vida E in Camps Bay at 06h30 on the morning of the 21st, running out towards the Cape Point via Chappies and Kommetjie and pretty much run till we pass out :) The pace will be slow, it is not a race.. the point is to run as far as possible so there will be scheduled walking breaks.

There is no distance criteria, you can run 1km or 100km’s it is completely up to you as the runner. There will be a support vehicle for emergencies but you will need to arrange with your own support team to provide you with enough nutrition and clothing to complete your goal distance, as well as fetch you from the point that you stop.

We are not asking any entry fee’s from runners who commit but what we are asking is that you source sponsors that will sponsor you R10 for every 1 km that you run, even if it is just you the runner who is committing to pay the sponsorship.

The funds will completely and absolutely go to funding charities who specialize in providing for the needs of children with Down Syndrome.

For more info on the event click here

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#BestGiftEver: Fuel to Conquer South Africa’s 100km Ultra Trail

By: Christine Dailey
Posted at on December 9, 2014

Rae Trew-Browne, a 29-year old South African native, was a fierce competitor on his high school cross country team growing up. After falling out of the running routine during post-graduate life, a friend asked Browne to compete in a sprint triathlon with him a few years ago. He struggled and was unable to finish the race. Now Browne is competing in 50km trail races in his hometown of South Africa and gearing up for his first 100km next year. “If I had finished that first triathlon I had attempted, I don’t think I would’ve been so motivated to start running again,” says Rae. “Because the race beat me I was so determined to come back and conquer it.”

Originally from Johanessburg, Browne moved to Cape Town three years ago and started trail running on their famous stunning mountain terrain. The high peaks and spectacular views gave him the running bug. Now he runs 12km both to and from work almost every day, does five-hour mountain runs/hikes on the weekends and has competed in numerous mountain races. “I experienced some painful setbacks in my personal life and being able to push myself, only to discover you can always go further was a great accomplishment,” says Rae. “Conquering physical mountains gave me the confidence to conquer the emotional mountains I was also facing at the time.”

#BestGiftEver: South Africa Trail Runner Conquers Ultra Races

As we approach 2015, Browne is gearing up for a 60km race on the Swellendam Hiking Trail – one of South Africa’s most sought-after trails, where he’ll aim to qualify for a 100km ultra trail race in Cape Town. “Competitors only have 15 hours to complete the 100km, so it will be a decent challenge,” says Rae. “Finishing in the cut-off would be a dream come true!”

#BestGiftEver: South Africa Trail Runner Conquers Ultra Races

We want to help Rae cross the finish line so we sent him a care package with some specific brand new running shoes and apparel including the Minimus Zero Trail, the Fresh Foam Trail and the glow in the dark Minimus 10v2 (Rae snapped these shots of him in action with his gifts right after they arrived). “Being able to compete in the mountains is an amazing gift,” says Rae. “Running can be tough at times but to be able to race in an ultra would be a huge gift for me.”

We can’t wait to see what mountains Rae conquers in 2015! At the very least, we hope the new gear inspires him in his endeavors and is the best gift ever this holiday season.

#BestGiftEver: South African Trail Runner Conquers Ultra Races

Give the Best Gift Ever:

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Ode to Adventure


“Written by Rae but originally posted as a guest post on US based site: a site well worth a visit if you have a passion for adventure”

Devote (verb ) – give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause.

Have you ever stopped and looked at the word, ‘devote’? It is not a word used very often yet every single one of us, in some way, is devoted to something or someone. I think the reason why the word is not used in most people’s vocabularies these days is because society in general is hell bent on convenience and comfort. There is no devotion in convenience. Devotion speaks of commitment, perseverance, an ability to remain patient and consistent through difficult circumstances or situations while pressing on to achieve a goal or purpose.

When my Grandfather was my age he would go down to his local food market which was run by a close knit family that knew each of their loyal customers by name, they knew what they liked and how they liked it. They were devoted to providing their customers with consistent personal assistance. Nowadays I go down to my local supermarket, no one knows my name, no one takes an interest in what I might be needing, everything is processed and vacuum packed for ‘convenience’. The only focus is ‘dollars and cents’. The only commitment, the profit margin. The only devotion, making something as cheap as possible to sell it as high as possible.

So what does all this have to do with adventure, or running or actually anything outdoor related? Well you see as everything around us has become convenient the concept of an ‘adventure’ as been so diluted that nowadays a trip to a different hair stylist is considered an adventure. Where are the Sir Edmund Hillary’s, the Ernest Shackleton’s, or the Ranulph Fiennes’s of today? Some people would argue that great feats of the past have been conquered, and there is nothing left to explore. We can see it all on our TV’s so why should we venture out. In one day we can see the vastness of the Grand Canyon, the peaks of Everest and the depths of Great Barrier Reef, all from the comfort of ones own living room.

Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay

No wonder devotion has been replaced by convenience. In the days of Sir Edmund Hillary anything short of a radical devotion to ones goals would mean, to them, a life of mediocrity and never having the chance of experiencing something great. Convenience didn’t cause Ranulph Fieness to become the first man to cross Antarctica on foot. Nor did it cause Reinhold Messner to become the first man to summit Mount Everest without the help of oxygen tanks. Convenience would have kept them at home, comfortably next to their fire place, warm and nestled up while they watched others achieve their life’s ambitions. It was nothing short of a radical devotion that enabled them to achieve the impossible. While everyone said it could not be done, they devoted themselves to finding ways to get it done. They were committed almost to the point of what some would classify as insanity, they persevered through failure and overcame great trials when everyone else gave up.

One of my favourite accounts of die hard devotion is one I heard of Scott Jurek at the Badwater Ultra Marathon, as far as I remember he collapsed on his face around half way totally dehydrated and spent. The distance between him and the leaders growing further and further apart. Instead of abandoning like most people would he got up, collected himself, started running again and went on to win the race when everyone said he wouldn’t be able compete against the roadies conditioned for that amount of pounding on the tar. That for me is a classic example of devotion. It would have been convenient for him to allow his support crew to carry him to the support vehicle and transport him back to the finish, it would have been convenient for him to skip a training session because it was raining or because he wasn’t feeling up to it but I guarantee you he had a goal to win and he was devoted, come hell or high water he was devoted to achieve it. Someone once said, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” I disagree, I prefer to say, “Suffering is inevitable, the key is to suffer well.” Devotion will see you persevere through suffering, it’s not to say that you won’t suffer if you are devoted but it will keep you consistent, it will keep you committed. Convenience will give you the easy way out.

Lassen Peak Caifirornia

What if the Sir Edmund Hillary’s of today are the ones who courageously throw off the comforts of today’s convenience and devote themselves to making adventure. True adventure, not the ‘bolt on’ kind like those who kit their trucks out with the best expedition gear known to man yet their tyres never leave Hollywood Boulevard and their reserve tanks never see a drop of fuel. Their eyes never see the real thing, only a replica. Their faces never get covered with dirt from a place most people will never know existed. What if we devoted ourselves to the kind of adventure that gets your palms sweaty and raises your heart rate by just thinking about it. The kind of adventure that no matter what life throws your way, like Vincent Van Gogh you can press on and say, “The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.”

If by our lack of devotion we teach the next generation that convenience is better than devotion, that comfort is better than commitment. I am afraid the wide eyed hunger for adventure, the zealous passion for what’s beyond the horizon, the depth of the wandering spirit of the human race will quickly become as deep as the bottom of a wet grande half-caf skinny cappuccino to go.

Let us throw off convenience. Let us #MakeAdventure

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