Best Running Books

Check out what we are reading at the moment. You will hopefully find some good info in these resource. We think these are the best running books and related topics, hopefully you agree with us.

This is in our opinion one of the best resources for anyone wanting to go on a Low Carb High Fat diet and still perform as a runner.
This must be the book that started it all for many trail runners. It must also be the book that started it for many who switched to minimal running shoes. Awesome easy read!
If you enjoyed "Born To Run" then you will enjoy this book. It is by the coach that made it all possible and outlines Eric Orton's training system to become a all round proficient runner at any distance.


2 thoughts on “Best Running Books

  1. Chris

    Have you read Eat and Run by Scott Jurek? My all time favourite running book. I have read it 3 x already.


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